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Team Umizoomi Birthday Party Ideas

Team Umizoomi Birthday Party Ideas
Personalized PDF files of all items pictured below are available for purchase as a package. Email me for package details and pricing. Please share your ideas and pictures. You can leave party ideas in the comments section below and email me your pics (no faces in the pics, please)

Team Umizoomi Invitation Wording Ideas:

There's a celebration coming on! Join us for Katie's 4th Birthday!
Calling All Umi-Friends! It’s time to celebrate Manny’s 3rd Birthday!
Join us for an umi-riffic birthday party as we celebrate Justin’s 5th Birthday!
Join Team Umizoomi for a very special birthday party! It’s time to celebrate
Devon’s 4th Birthday!
Join Team Umizoomi for lots of fun and adventure as we celebrate Johnny’s 5th
Hey Team Umizoomi fans! Are you ready to party?! You’re invited to celebrate
Jordan’s 5th Birthday!
Join us on a Team Umizoomi adventure as we celebrate Justin’s 7th Birthday!
We're blowing up balloons and icing the cake! There's a big birthday party in Umi-City we hop you can make!
Come along and join the fun, our little Aiden is turning ONE! With Geo, Milli and Bot too, we look forward to seeing you!

Team Umizoomi Girl Invite and Thank You Note

Team Umizoomi Party Favor Ideas:
  • Bright colored play ground balls (see adorable pic from customer below)
  • Shape flash cards or coloring books
  • Number flash cards or coloring books
  • Personalized play doh, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, candy bars, gum, etc. from my package pictured below.

Team Umizoomi Party Games and Activities:
  • Milli's Head Band and Geo's Shape Belts: Head on over to the Nick Jr. website and download templates and instructions. This is a great welcome activity that the kids can wear during the party.
  • Geo's Shape Hunt: Hide foam shape stickers (either in eggs or loose) all around the party area. Use the found shapes for a foam craft after the hunt (decorate door hangers, crowns, picture frames, etc.)
  • Milli's Pattern Power Circle, Circle, SQUARE: Play like duck, duck goose
  • Geo's Shape Bingo: Make basic BINGO cards with shapes in different colors. Make a card for each shape and color you use and put in the bucket. This is a good game for opening the gifts. Let whoever gave the gift choose a shape card for the game.
  • Bot's Freeze Dance: Play music and whenever the music stops the kids have to freeze. Everyone does the "Crazy Shakes" if someone is caught moving.
  • Milli's Pattern Power Wall: Tape a long sheet of contact paper to the wall but with the sticky side facing out. Give the kids foam shapes, felt, foil, crepe paper, small pom-poms to create pictures and patterns. The contact paper is sticky enough to hold the items but also easy to remove and move around the items when playing.
  • Pin the Pigtails on Milli/Shapes on Geo's Belt/Belly Screen on Bot: Play like the classic pin the tail on the donkey. Go to Nick Jr for printables.
  • Hot Bot: Tape a picture of Bot to a small box (could also use a stuffed animal or toy if you have one) and have children pass in a circle. Play like hot potato, but give a small prize to each child as they are caught with Bot and are out.

Team Umizoomi Party Printables Package for Boys

Team Umizoomi Party Printables Package for Girls

Team Umizoomi Playground Ball Favors
Photo submitted by customer. Love the idea!

Love the tulle and multi-color curling ribbon
So festive and fun - perfect for this theme!

The Team Umizoomi Decorators Set
Sold as an add on to the regular Team Umizoomi Party Printables Package

Team Umizoomi round favor tags from decorators set used
Napkin wrap from regular package used to make Team Umizoomi sidewalk chalk

Team Umizoomi round favor tags from decorators set added to dollar store
balloon weight to create inexpensive balloon weight centerpieces.
Team Umizoomi Pennant Banner from decorators set

Team Umizoomi small 2" round favor tags used as cupcake picks.

Large Team Umizoomi round favor tag used as cake topper.

Left over Team Umizoomi printables used to decorate gifts


  1. The Team Umizoomi Decorators Set
    Sold as an add on to the regular Team Umizoomi Party Printables Packa

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